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2019 Boys NIKE Basketball Camp Kedron Field House

By July 20, 2019Blog

This weeks NIKE camp was held at Kedron Field House with a great group of coaches and participants. Coach Jaron instructed a successful week of camp where the boys enhanced their skills. The boys put forth a great effort during all the drills and scrimmages. The campers displayed awesome energy and teamwork. The players had a lot of fun working with all the coaches to improve over the course of the week. Players participated in Living by Numbers drills and 3on3 games everyday, so check out their scores below! 

Living By Number Champions 

Switch Cone Slides 

HS– Caleb Chaney

College– Daryus Bryant

NBA– Tysir Reed


Figure 8

HS– Dylan Staples

College– Dayton Garner

NBA– Luke Whiler


Cone Layups

HS– Jack Murphy

College– Evan Peaks

NBA– Andrew Fox


Hot Shot

HS– Gavin Moultire

College– Brett Skinner

NBA– Max Skidmore

Individual Award Winners 

High School MVP– Scott Moreman

High School Coaches– Caleb Chaney

College MVP– Daryus Braynt

College Hustle– Treylon Cooper

NBA MVP– Cohen Jordan

NBA Coaches– Troy Waller

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