With so many players looking to train from their home court, EHB introduced LIVE Zoom Training in March of 2020. If you are looking to work on your game over the next few weeks, we invite you to join us along with the over 400 players currently training online with us each week.


Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are led by one of our Atlanta based trainers. Each session includes stationary ballhandling, full court ballhandling, quick 1on1 moves to beat your defender and shooting. Don’t worry if you don’t have a goal! Our trainers will assist you during the session with “form shooting.” You will need a ball, a flat service (ideally a driveway), your basketball gear and a great attitude!


EHB has four distinct training levels. See below to know which session to attend.

Academy: is for players in grades 1st-5th grade players that have 2 years or less of rec ball. This is a great session for beginners.

Premier: is for players in grades 3rd-7th that have 2+ years of recreational league experience, 1 year of competitive/travel team experience or have trained with EHB for at least 1 full year

Select: is for players in grades 5th-9th that have 4+ years of recreational league experience or 2+ years competitive/travel team experience.

Elite: is for players in grades 7th-12th that have 3+ years competitive/travel team experience and/or high school experience.


For only $30 per week (or $100 for the next 5 weeks), players receive UNLIMITED Zoom Training sessions each week.  This fee also includes our Leadership sessions that meet twice per week.


Weekday Daily Zoom (All Times Eastern)
Zoom Academy 1:00pm
Zoom Premier 1:50pm
Zoom Select 2:45pm
Zoom Elite 3:35p
Saturday Zoom (All Times Eastern)
Zoom Academy 10:00am
Zoom Premier 10:50am
Zoom Select 12:30p
Zoom Elite 1:20p
Zoom Leadership (All Times Eastern)
Wednesday 4:45pm
Thursday 4:45pm


Once you REGISTER you will receive a Registration Status email with a link to the Meeting IDs for each class.  If you register after April 29th, your sessions will be automatically prorated based on when you register. For questions, contact Jeremy Marshall at jeremy@elitehoopsbasketball.com or call/text our office at 470-242-1342.