Wednesday Girls Only Shooting Club


Elite Hoops Basketball Shooting Club is designed to get players 300+ game like shots in every class. In addition to working on the players form, we will also work on shooting off the catch, the move and off the dribble. Each class is limited to 8 players per coach as we keep a strict 8:1 player to coach ratio in all training sessions. This session is directed by Christin Mercer and our Elite Hoops Training Staff.

To Register for this session, you must register for one of our Skills Training Memberships. Once you register for a Membership, you will instantly be emailed a member discount code which will allow you to register for the sessions at the bottom of this page for no additional fee. When you go to register, the class fee will show, but once you enter your member discount code that amount will be zeroed out.

EHB requires all members to pay a yearly one-time registration fee of $99. Included in your fee is a pair of NIKE EHB shorts and a NIKE EHB shirt. We request that your athlete wears these to all EHB training sessions moving forward. Contact us at or call/text us at 770.376.0680



SELECT & ELITE LEVEL: Grades 5th-12th: 3+ Years of Rec or 2+ Years of Travel


DIRECTOR: Christin Mercer
DATES: 11/08/2023 - 02/28/2024
WHO: Girls Only
WHAT: Shooting Club
WHEN: Wednesday's
WHERE: EHB Flowery Branch
EHB Branch Basketball Club
PRICE: $118/mo


SELECT & ELITE TIME: 7:10p-8:25p