Thursday Skills Training & 3on3 League


This 90 minute session is a non-conventional training plan that spends the first 45 minutes working on skills and fundamentals- dribbling, pivoting, passing, finishing, and shooting. The second half of the workout focuses on small sided games, specifically 3v3, where players are focus on making quicker decisions and building better in game habits. Our 3-On-3 League is designed to improve players’ overall game, while teaching the fundamentals and principles of offense and defense. Players will learn proper spacing and how to move without the basketball. Our 3-On-3 League will give players on average 147% more shots, moves, passes and possessions, compared to a typical one hour 5-on-5 game. Elite Hoops is the only training business in the area that puts a large emphasis on small sided games such as 3v3 and improving the decision making process in a player. This session is led by Coach Chris Dixon.

Beginning January of 2020 we are requiring all players enroll in a basic membership to participate in our programming. This is a one-time fee of $50, per calendar year. With the addition of this fee, we will be lowering each class fee $2.

Included in your fee is a pair of NIKE EHB shorts and a NIKE EHB shirt. We request that your athlete wears these to all EHB training sessions moving forward.


PREMIER LEVEL: Grades 4th-7th: 1+ Years of Rec or 1+ Years of Travel
SELECT LEVEL: Grades 5th-12th: 3+ Years of Rec or 2+ Years of Travel


DIRECTOR: Chris Dixon
DATES: 03/05/2020 - 05/14/2020
WHO: Boys & Girls
WHAT: Skills Training
WHEN: Spring 2020
WHERE: Kennesaw Mountain High School
1898 Kennesaw Due West Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30152
PRICE: $297 for ALL 11 sessions


PREMIER TIME: 5:30-7:00p
SELECT TIME: 7:00-8:30p